Lesson-by-Lesson Teacher/Parent Demo Videos for Core Advantage Math Workbooks

Not only does the Core Advantage math fluency system come with math workbooks, but it also includes lesson-by-lesson parent/teacher demo videos. This saves parents and teachers time and energy by taking the guesswork out of the lessons.

Demo videos accompany every lesson. The demo videos explain everything from how to use the specially designed Memory Builder multiplication worksheets to how to make fractions easy to understand. This is a teacher-designed system, and these are not your typical random math worksheets that come with no support.  Instead, we support you every step of the way as you build math fluency with your students.

The lesson-by-lesson demo videos can be used as a professional development tool and to help teachers with lesson prep.

Click on the links below to view the video playlists for each unit.

UNIT 1: Easy Breezy Addition & Subtraction

UNIT 2: Multi-digit Addition & Subtraction

UNIT 3: 10 Powerful Steps to Multiplication Fluency (WATCH VIDEOS #1-10 FIRST)

UNIT 4: Making Sense of Division

UNIT 5: Making Sense of Fractions

UNIT 6: Making Sense of Proportions

UNIT 7: Making Sense of Conversions

UNIT 8: Making Sense of Integers

UNIT 9: Making Sense of Exponents

UNIT 10: Making Sense of Equations